BVSRBlind Variation and Selective Retention (Cybernetics)
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Otro aspecto importante en el modelo de Simonton es que la creatividad es considerada como una funcion de multiples procesos, algunos de los cuales implican BVSR y otros no.
Asi, Simonton postula que estos rasgos de personalidad estarian en consonancia con lo planteado en el Modelo de BVSR.
En cuanto a las carreras profesionales, el fenomeno mas relevante que segun Simonton, prestaria apoyo al modelo de BVSR, es el de la regla de igualdad de posibilidades.
Simonton propone que si la produccion del Guernica implica un proceso de BVSR, se deberia constatar en la secuencia de los diferentes bocetos una serie de cambios no lineales.
Uno de los puntos mas discutidos dentro del modelo de BVSR es el del proposito y el azar.
Her analysis suggests that Campbell's use of BVSR necessarily implies the selection and retention of selfish individuals at the expense of sociocultural (group) solidarity and altruism.
An interesting aspect of the first set of papers is that one can see how a group of researchers have made a collective effort to develop and refine the BVSR framework.
These simulations should reveal not only the characteristic distributions, but also their joint distribution--a finding that should have critical implications for the BVSR theory of creativity.
Even so, the whole point of BVSR theory is that highly blind combinations must be subjected to a generation-and-test procedure to separate the wheat from the chaff (Simonton, 2012c).
Thus, to the extent that the probability, utility, and knowledge distributions are highly skewed, BVSR operations become increasingly mandatory.
Likewise, a critic of BVSR might argue that the inclusion of prior knowledge merely stacks the odds against the sightedness-creativity relation.
Again, BVSR procedures would still be needed to discriminate the creative from non-creative combinations in this portion of the joint distribution.