BVVGBuren Van Velzen Guelen (Dutch law firm)
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Implementing agency : BVVG Bodenverwertungs- und -verwaltungs GmbH
Provision and operation of the necessary for the functions of SAP ERP system the BVVG hardware and software components;
For the BVVG Bodenverwertungs-and-administrative GmbH (BVVG) to a WAN for data communication delivered, set up and operated.
Deployment, operation and maintenance required for the functions of the mainframe applications and their interfaces, hardware and software components as well as all the requisite software licenses: Preparation and implementation of the acquisition of mainframe applications including test operation;: Operating the mainframe applications;: Deployment, operation and maintenance of the WAN link between RZ and BVVG headquarters in Berlin;: -Conditions for implementing the performance, especially security, change, incident, recovery and disaster management, and service level agreements (SLAs);: Consulting and development services for the operation of mainframe applications;: Creation of the Operation manual data center in the acquisition phase and constant updating on changes.