BVanBas-Vannetais (linguistics)
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Mixed Tour maiden (to win first in 2006): 11-4 J Rivero (Euro Seniors), 5 N Gulbis (LPGA), 6 Joe Ozaki (Champions), 13-2 A Miyazoto (LPG A), 15-2 S Simpson (Champions), 8 N O'Hern (European), 10 S Gin (Euro Senior), 16 BVan Pelt (PGA), J ML ara (Euro), 28 CVillegas (LPGA), 16 all players fail to win in 2006.
Left, Karie Nabbs, Lesley Green, Emma Southworth; below, Peter Bvan talks to Jurate Terlechkaite
Bvans stated that he had reviewed material about Dyersburg and Gibson County given to him by Tish Walkers attorney, and he had also accessed information about the same areas on his computer.