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BWANABoxed Wine Association of North America
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Several of the Anyoto men make plans to abduct Kali Bwana and to take her as their wife.
The calmness of bwana Mackenzie's voice spoke inevitability.
Duri immediately pronounced me certifiably crazy, paced around looking back and forth from the meat to my desired location, and then, after calling me psychotic one more time, directed the guys, "Build the blind where the crazy bwana wants it.
Bwana Omasudi, 22, of Pershore Road, Stirchley: driving without valid licence or insurance, total fines pounds 450, pay pounds 38 costs.
Younger, weaker men (Simeon, Harry, Nguili) and undifferentiated, nameless women (shoppers and hitchhikers) are necessary props in the patriarchal system the narrator seems to find necessary or natural (at least in Africa), as are the father-son combinations: M'Cola has two sons, Molo and Ngui; Keiti's son is Mthuka; and the narrator's son, physically absent from the narrative but present in Africa, is Bwana Mouse.
Strangely, however, she is used nominatively for the feminine form for the feminine pronoun: "I think she like you, Bwana.
To generalize Bwana Juma's experience, Myers uses Ng'ambo, the 'other side' of Zanzibar, where both Juma and Singh lived, as the type of a community that was occupied, and largely built, by Africans, and that had parallels in the neighbourhoods of Pumwani (Nairobi), George (Lusaka), and Chinsapo (Lilongwe).
Ni Me Mwana Bwana (We Have Seen the Lord), by Mark Sedio.
First place label winners were the Kona Historical Society and First place web site winners were Bwana Bob's Kona Coffee.
In Los Angeles, most public school students are the children of poor, Spanish-speaking immigrants, and I suspect that some of the problem with my daughter's elementary school principal--tactless as this may be to point out--came from his inability to switch out of patronizing Bwana mode upon encountering someone more, rather than less, educated than himself.
And you realized the appropriateness of his new nickname amongst those that knew him: Tana Bwana.