BWBABlue Water Bridge Authority (Sarnia, Ontario, Canada)
BWBABritish Wheelchair Bowls Association (UK)
BWBABranch West Basketball Academy (various locations)
BWBABelgian Warmblood Breeding Association
BWBABrandon Women's Bowling Association (Canada)
BWBABecause We Believe-Art (juried eBay artists group)
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The BWBA says boar meat is denser, richer and more nutritious than most other red meats but with considerably less fat and cholesterol.
He belongs back in the NBA,'' BWBA coach and former Long Beach State assistant Bob Gottlieb said.
A meeting, attended by officials from both the BWBA and the club, reviewed the initial steps to include the club in the association's upcoming programmes and activities.
Shaikh Abdulla, who is also International Federation of Bodybuilders' vice-president, was accompanied by BWBA general secretary Saleh Al Ammar and team manager Ali Amini.
The BWBA under the presidency of Shaikh Abdulla bin Rashid Al Khalifa also announced the teams that will represent the kingdom in other events this year.
Instead, the BWBA has chosen other experienced pairs and they are Sami Al Haddad and Arafat Yaqoob, who will respectively compete in the 75kg and 80kg events.