BWBSBritish Warm-Blood Society (now Warmblood Breeders' Studbook; est. 1977; UK)
BWBSBoreal White and Black Spruce Zone (Canada)
BWBSBlack Wideband Switch
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The shearing method used in the current project was adapted from these methods by modifying the shape of the samples using a table-model mechanical tester (model MTS-4201) that measured the BWBS with a 5 kN charge cell and anvil movement at a 15 mm/min speed.
The results of this study have shown that BWBS is higher at low temperatures and has a 10 times factor at -30[degrees]C compared to 20[degrees]C for balsam fir and black spruce.
BWBS measurements show greater variability at low temperature than over 0[degrees]C.