BWCABoundary Waters Canoe Area
BWCABritish Window Cleaning Academy (Swindon, England, UK)
BWCABottled Water Cooler Association (now British Water Cooler Association; est. 1989; UK)
BWCABangladesh Work Camps Association (est. 1958; Bangladesh)
BWCABurrows-Wheeler Compression Algorithm (lossless data compression)
BWCABlack Women Contracting Association (Michigan)
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Like many nonprofit arts organisations, the BWCA struggles to support its activities and realise its goals and ambitions for the future.
areas of the BWCA until the Forest Service prepared an EIS complying
recreation in the BWCA Wilderness because visitor use levels were
Fire has been a management priority in BWCA ever since the early 1950's when technology facilitated effective suppression activities.
The management of species at risk is also a major issue in the BWCA region, with many threatened species living in the area, such as the bald eagle (Haliaeetus leucocephalus), and Canada lynx (Lynx canadensis).
In the BWCA, the battle lines were drawn with ecologically minded, serenity-seeking canoeists on one side and practical, economic-minded motorboat and snowmobile users on the other.
The first interesting and instructive facet of the BWCA conflict was that the two sides could not comproniise because they represented an irreconcilable polarization of values: "one economic and the other aesthetic.
The million-acre BWCA is a portion of the international Quetico-superior Ecosystem, which includes another million acres in Ontario's Quetico Provincial Park.
In 1964 Congress finally passed the Wilderness Act and designated the BWCA as an original unit of the National Wilderness Preservation System.
If you prefer to travel in 17-foot canoes, cook over a fire, and sleep in tents, you might choose a five-day Boundary Waters Canoe Area (BWCA) adventure, Adjacent to the Canadian border, the 1-million-acre BWCA is America's only lake-land wilderness, with more than 2,000 lakes and countless rivers and streams.
Actually a park within a park, BWCA is a wilderness area inside 3-million-acre Superior National Forest.
BWCA is special because motorized vehicles are banned over almost its entire surface.