BWCCBaltimore/Washington Corridor Chamber of Commerce
BWCCBorland Windows Custom Control
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Therefore, though hybrid in structure, the BWCC might best be
As noted above, the BWCC constituted the exception to this trend.
212) Expectations expressed initially, that the BWCC could strengthen the capacity of the Bosnian legal system overall, (213) are likely to be disappointed.
Cooperation is a fundamental component of the relationship between the two courts--after all, the BWCC was established to complete the process of punishment initiated in The Hague.
Similarly, the BWCC responded to criticism of the Bosnian legal system before the Chamber's establishment that it was solely focused on ethnic Serbs; the Chamber has ensured the ethnic composition of the accused included Bosniaks and Croats.
Between 2005 and 2010, the BWCC had handed down trial verdicts in over sixty cases of war crimes, crimes against humanity, and genocide that arose during the war.
Observers argue that the work of the BWCC "can send the powerful message that new safeguards are in place and old patterns of impunity and exploitation are no longer tolerated.
BWCC is a leader in power plant construction and installation services," said BWCC President Pete Waanders.
BWCC has begun work at the project site and is scheduled to tie in both the SCR and baghouse during a planned outage in March 2013.
Data said, We re proud that SWEPCO and its parent company, American Electric Power, have chosen BWCC to construct this equipment.
Hans Hess has the experience, business background and management expertise to ensure that our BWCC teams are developed and trained to be the very best in the marketplace.
Metamor's BWCC is based in Los Angeles, will operate nationwide, and will be directed by Hans J.