BWCSBroder Webb Chervin Silbermann (agency; California)
BWCSBase Wire Communications System
BWCSBretton Woods Community School (UK)
BWCSBlue Water Composite Squadron (US Air Force Auxiliary)
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BWCS believes that this level of security is vital in order that the market can take these services seriously and to drive the take-up of systems such as that developed by Presence Networks.
Contact: Ross Parsons, BWCS +44(0)7855-155-393 or e-mail Ross.
He is the author of `Global Telecommunications Contracts' and `Global Interconnection Contracts', also published by BWCS.
A full contents list and order form is available from the BWCS website at http://www.
BWCS is a telecoms consulting and publishing group that advises on the sales and marketing of telecoms and e-commerce related software and equipment.
According to Arthur Drewitt, consultant with BWCS and co-author of the report, the boom in wireless Internet use will force radical changes among cellular phone companies: "The entire value chain of the cellular industry will be dramatically changed over the coming five years.
BWCS forecasts that the value of goods and services bought through mobile e-commerce services will be US$429 billion worldwide in 2005, up from only US$538 million today.
BWCS is a consulting firm created to help telecoms and Internet companies market and sell their goods and services more effectively.