BWIFBroadband Wireless Internet Forum (IEEE-ISTO)
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The opportunity afforded by Europe for the Broadband sector is immense and BWIF is looking forward to welcoming potential members to the meeting in order for them to find out more about the benefits of membership of BWIF, and hear more about the programmes currently being undertaken by the organisation.
The BWIF European Open Meeting will follow the Fixed Wireless Broadband Technology Europe conference and exhibition in Amsterdam, November 5-7.
BWIF members from Europe, North America and Asia support a uniform wireless standard because it will speed adoption of new technologies while allowing for innovations.
0 Specifications have been available since late August 2000 to BWIF members.
BWIF is an incorporated not-for-profit association of industry-leading companies.
BWIF members agree to cross-license to other BWIF members the technologies required to implement the VOFDM specifications on a worldwide, royalty-free basis, and to support a complete suite of specifications that promote industry standardization.
The focus of BWIF, and a key reason why NetVoice joined, is to ensure the interoperability between all products in the VOFDM family, said Greg Fadul, vice president of Strategic Wireless Services.
Members of BWIF will drive product roadmaps that will lower product costs, simplify deployment of advanced services, and ensure the availability of interoperable standards-based solutions based on VOFDM technology.
BWIF European Marketing Subcommittee, Chairman, Chris Cabot said: "Through our series of meetings in the US over the past few months, BWIF has already made significant progress in defining and deploying a standardised solution.
The goal of the BWIF is to promote the development of cost-effective, fixed wireless broadband access with industry-leading performance and reliability for compelling end-user applications such as high-speed Internet access, premium streaming audio and video content, and voice.
the worldwide leader in networking for the Internet, is contributing to BWIF several patent-pending Broadband Wireless intellectual property innovations based on VOFDM, a cost-effective version of MIMO OFDM (Multiple Input Multiple Output Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing).