BWMABritish Weights and Measures Association
BWMABiweekly Mortgage Association
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BWMA is financed by member subscriptions and donations.
Contact: Newspaper interviews: +44-(0)7986-007994 (John Gardner, Director); Radio/TV/Newspaper interviews: +44-(0)1738-783936 (Vivian Linacre, BWMA President) and +44-(0)7711-873740 (Warwick Cairns, BWMA Research Director); Email - bwma@email.
According to BWMA Director John Gardner, "A ban on U.
John Gardner, BWMA Director, 98 Eastney Road, Croydon CR0 3TE, , e-mail BWMA@Email.
The BWMA was established in the 1860s to defend and promote the imperial system after fears that a parliamentary bill could propose the introduction of metrication in Britain.
The BWMA is now concentrating its resources on opposing compulsory metrication.
According to BWMA Director John Gardner, "A ban on US and British units does not only affect UK and US business - European businesses are equally affected since they rely on these measurements in the international marketplace, particularly the USA, and for traditional industries".
The BWMA supported him through the English courts right up to the House of Lords and then the European Court of Human Rights.
John Gardner, BWMA Director, tel +44(0)7986 007994 or Mr Neil Herron, Campaign Manager, Metric Martyrs Defence Fund, tel +44(0)7776 202045 or Mr Vivian Linacre, BWMA President, Perth, tel +44(0)1738-783936 or David Delaney, BWMA Hon Public Relations Officer, tel +44(0)-1568-708-820
As a consequence, the BWMA, acting for Mr Webb has asked the Local Government Ombudsman to consider the following:
BWMA is a non-profit body that promotes equality in law between inch-pound and metric units.
BWMA has raised Pounds Sterling 17,000 for the trust fund for the defence costs and invites donations for the cost of the appeal.