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BWRBoiling Water Reactor
BWRBarcelona World Race (Barcelona, Spain)
BWRBar Width Reduction (bar coding)
BWRBandwidth Ratio
BWRBasic Water Rescue (course)
BWRBasic (daily) Water Requirement (United Nations term)
BWRBrownsville Weir and Reservoir (Texas)
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Prof John Hughes, Vice Chancellor, of Bangor University, said: "This collaboration will enable Bangor University to help to build new academic and research capacity here in North Wales to create nuclear expertise in a new generation of scientists and engineers in the field of BWR technology.
The ABC programme uses a BWR, expressed in g/kWh, to calculate the reduction of the mass of the balls in the mill as the mill operates.
The difference in the uneven numbers between BWR and PWR occurs because the BWR exam, only, was used as a pilot examination at the inception of the program.
This partnership combines AREVA's technology, experience, and know-how in FCVS with Hitachi-GE's extensive technology, experience, and know-how about BWR nuclear power plants in Japan to adapt FCVS and achieve early delivery for these plants.
The excursion made our learning more interesting and it improved relationship among BWR participants.
Experts said the recent findings verified that cracks in shrouds, possibly stress corrosion cracks, are structural defects of BWRs, adding further inspections will likely detect cracks at more BWRs.
Taiwan currently has six operating nuclear power reactors and two nuclear power reactors of BWR types are in under construction phase.
Having worked for GE Nuclear for 29 years, his areas of expertise are the GE BWR Rod Control and Information systems and subsystems that are used in nuclear plant designs ranging from BWR/3 through BWR/6.
Anne Lauvergeon and Kazuo Tsukuda signed a Memorandum Of Understanding to contemplate the establishment of a joint business organization for supply of PWR, BWR, MOX and Gas Reactor fuels.
1, 2004 Senator Sunee Inchat graced the opening ceremony of the BWR 2004, she cut the ribbon while the bhikkhunis gave blessings.
Deutsche Bank has signed a letter of intent with Polish troubled regional bank BWR to buy at least 80% of its shares, BWR spokesman Franciszek Palowski said.