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BWSBoard of Water Supply (Honolulu, Hawaii)
BWSBlack Wall Street (Hip-Hop record label)
BWSBeckwith-Wiedemann Syndrome
BWSBattered Woman Syndrome
BWSBeer, Wine and Spirits (UK retailing)
BWSBlue Water Sailing (magazine)
BWSBridge World Standard
BWSBurnt Weeny Sandwich (Frank Zappa album)
BWSBorder Worlds Ship
BWSBergwacht Schwarzwald (German: Black Mountain; rescue organization)
BWSBeached Whale Syndrome
BWSBoiling Water Shrinkage (textiles)
BWSBase Weather Station
BWSBroadband Wireless Services (Sprint)
BWSBaraitser-Winter Syndrome
BWSBoiler, Water Supply
BWSBuilding Wiring Standard
BWSBeating Wall Street, Inc
BWSBoise-Winnemucca Stages, Inc.
BWSBrain Wave Synchronizers
BWSBackyard Wildlife Sanctuary
BWSBuchungszentrale der Westf.-Lipp. Sparkassen GmbH (German bank)
BWSBody-Worn System
BWSBordeaux Wine Stars (Bordeaux, France)
BWSBridge Workstation Subsystem
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Specifically, the goal was to determine the relationship between velocity and metabolic cost while running on an LBPP treadmill, and to examine how the application of BWS affected this relationship.
BWS is Peru's third largest commercial bank with deposit and loan market shares of 21% and 16%, respectively, as of end-June 2003.
The BWS 3000 Series, which includes the previously announced BWS 3500, is offered in 3.
We are very excited about our deployment of Wi-LAN's BWS 3000 series in China," said Lok Chow, President of Wi-Comm Communications Co.
Wi-LAN's BWS 3000 series enables Wi-Comm to offer service providers the best price-to-performance wireless access solutions.
Currently, the BWS 3500 system is the only OFDM-based wireless wide area network products commercially available and certified for use in China.
For service providers offering broadband wireless access, the BWS 3500 offers superior multipath robustness, improved non-line of sight (NLOS) performance and high spectral efficiency using Wi-LAN's patented W-OFDM (Wide-band Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing) technology.
This certification opens the door for sales of the BWS 3500 in combination with other approved Wi-LAN products in China's growing wireless market.
AMCI and BWS have already combined efforts in the development of an antenna solution that AMCI will be using exclusively in its tracking of rail cars and containers within the United States.