BWSTBrian Wilson Shock Treatment (band)
BWSTBorated Water Storage Tank
BWSTBrazil Western Standard Time (aka Western Brazilian Standard Time)
BWSTBen Wiersum Sound Technology (Naperville, IL)
BWSTBeskidzka Wyzsza Szkola Turystyki (Polish: Beskidzka Higher School of Tourism; Beskidzka, Poland)
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We note that the trainers who participated in this study were all trained in the same method of step training using BWST (developed by the UCLA Locomotion Laboratory) and worked together in one facility; thus, these differences were not attributable to differences in the taught technique or locale.
Abbreviations: BWS = body-weight support, BWST = BWS on a treadmill, CI = confidence interval, CV = coefficient of variation, RMS = root-mean-square, RMS-SD = RMS of the standard deviation, ROM = range of motion, SCI = spinal cord injury, SD = standard deviation, UCLA = University of California at Los Angeles.
Worldwide efforts are being made to automate BWST training with robotic devices.