BWTSBetter Way to Stay (Haddon Heights, NJ)
BWTSBallast Water Treatment System
BWTSBandwidth Test Set
BWTSBig White Taxi Service (UK)
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Trevor Dove further explains: "This collaboration will allow for the integration of BWTS systems to be managed in an efficient and accurate manner, ensuring that vessel design records are maintained and deliver efficient maintenance, modification and management of configuration.
BWTS are an imminent requirement by the International Maritime Organization to prevent the biological unbalance caused by the estimated 12 billion tons of ballast water transported across the seas by ocean-going vessels when their ballast water tanks are emptied or refilled.
Based on the new agreement, the two companies will closely collaborate throughout the BWTS retrofitting process: from BWTS marketing, system selection and design to actual installation work with customer needs.
The system using container-type BWTS design is the first to receive the concept approval from Nippon Kaiji Kyokai (ClassNK)*.
BWTS will become a wholly owned subsidiary of General Environmental through a tax-free exchange of stock.
In this instance we have undertaken a generator load analysis to ascertain the eventual load on the generators with the BWTS running in each mode of operation, explains Chris David.
The vessels will be equipped with BWTS BIO-SEA2100 (2100m3/h).
The MOU will see Keppel Shipyard performing retrofit installations of Hyde Guardian Gold BWTS at its Singapore shipyard.
Damen is dedicated to providing a total turnkey package to vessel-owners for BWTS integrations and services.
In addition, for setting up the Hyde GUARDIAN Gold BWTS, for vessels docking at the yard, Hyde Marine is collaborating with Grand Bahama Shipyard (GBS).
Pact passed the BWTS land base test in China in 2012 and has to pass a 6-month seaboard test in order to get the necessary certifications of the system.