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BWVBloor West Village (neighborhood; Toronto, Ontario, Canada)
BWVBerliner Wissenschafts-Verlag GmbH (publisher; Berlin, Germany)
BWVBackwater Valve
BWVBachwerkverzeichnis (cataloging prefix for works of composer J.S. Bach)
BWVBoard Walk Villas (Disney resort)
BWVBorderless World Volunteers
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One of the CD's apexes is the introduction to BWV 51, with the Baroque trumpet played by Jaroslav Roucek.
At Levels 9 and 10, the student may continue with the more difficult of the Bach Short Preludes such as the Prelude in D Major, BWV 936 (a delightful trio sonata), the Prelude in D Major, BWV 925 (a fughetta), and the Prelude in F Major, BWV 928 (displaying hints of a concerto grosso composed for keyboard).
And as if the Chaconne wasn't enough of a challenge for one evening, Beznosiuk preceded it with an even greater one with the Partita BWV 1002.
There followed another Bach piece, the Trio Sonata in C minor from "The Musical Offering" BWV 1079.
The complete two-part keyboard inventions, BWV 772-786, freely transcribed for guitar: the feasibility of performance remained the driving issue behind said editing.
Conductor Eric Cross shaped a sparkling performance of the Mass in G minor BWV 225 with the closing chorus a glorious highlight.
Herz und Mund und Tat und Leben, BWV 147: Jesus bleibet meine Freude
He played the "Organ Chorale Prelude: Nun Komm Der Heiden Heiland," BWV 659, a stately and complex piece with strong resonances from composer Dietrich Buxtehude, as well as monastic plainsong.
Saxophonist and composer Tim Garland - who has worked alongside such jazz greats as Chick Corea, Gary Burton and Ronnie Scott - has joined up with classical violinist Bradley Creswick, leader of the Northern Sinfonia, to offer a new slant on two of Bach's most popular works, the Oboe Concerto in D minor, BWV 1059, and the Double Concerto in C minor, BWV 1060.
They are augmented by sonatas by both the composers--Bach's Sonata in D minor BWV 964 and Novak's Sonata brevis (like the Inventions written in 1960).
Discovery Series: Bach Cantata BWV 70, conducted by Helmuth Rilling.
Bach's Sonata BWV 1019 fared less well - perhaps because even the most expressive performance can no longer make Bach ring true in a 2000-seat hall.