BXABureau of Export Administration (US Department of Commerce)
BXAButorphanol and Xylazine Administration (animal science)
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2002) [hereinafter TRANSFERS TO FOREIGN NATIONALS] (noting there were 923 applications for deemed-export licenses in 2001), with Inside BXA, supra note 6, at 24-25 (noting there were 800 applications for deemed-export licenses in 1999).
The BXA official said he's also received inquiries from "a variety of food-related and nonfood (pharmaceutical and medical supply) companies.
In promulgating the amended EAR regulations, the BXA quoted President Clinton's Executive Order:
In order to ascertain long-term trends, Chart 4 combines data collected by the Office of Management and Budget from 1980 through 1987 with BXA data for 1993 through 1998 to show a long-term trend in offset requirements.
Finally, the BXA also plays a part in the government's anti-boycott efforts.
The January 2000 regulations represented a good-faith effort by the BXA and the Clinton Administration to answer industry and individual concerns, but problems remained.
If you would like to receive a copy of the prospectus for BXA, please contact the Capital Markets Group at the American Stock Exchange at 212-306- 1493.
We do not anticipate that any amounts expended in connection with the BXA assessment will have a significant impact on our third quarter earnings," said Jerry Grabowski, president and chief executive officer.
Customs Service and Larry Christensen, former Director of the Regulatory Policy Division of the Bureau of Export Administration (BXA), on what changes might be forthcoming at Customs and BXA and how businesses can prepare for these potential changes.
The BXA has included a four-page guidance about the U.
Although our SubscribeNet partners still need to do their own due diligence regarding their customers and the classification of their software, BXA approval of our export process gives our partners more confidence than ever that their software will be delivered in accordance with the law.
The BXA has granted Covalent a license exception, allowing Covalent to export security software for the first time ever.