BXFBroadcast eXchange Format
BXFBoiling eXperiment Facility
BXFBuilders Exchange Foundation (Ohio)
BXFbreeders exchange format
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Bliss is a founding member of the SMPTE BXF Standard Committee and serves on the ATSC PMCP (PSIP) Standard Committee.
Harris has always taken a leading role in the development of open interconnectivity standards, from the first server protocol VDCP to the BXF messaging layer.
In addition to core capabilities, WO Traffic supports key industry standards including TVB ePort and BXF, as well as a library of other complementary integrations.
Florical Automation & WideOrbit Traffic in BXF Harmony
This long awaited interface is now a reality through the companies' mutual implementation of the new SMPTE 2021 Standard--a protocol also known as BXF (Broadcast eXchange Format).
A key component of live logs is the immediate notification of as run details to WO Traffic by AirBoss using BXF.
By when do you expect to use BXF (Broadcast Exchange Format) for communication between Automation, Archive Management, and Traffic?
The Live-Update solution will seamlessly integrate OSi traffic and billing software with existing HarrisA ADC automated content management and distribution systems, using BXF data exchange.