BXFBroadcast eXchange Format
BXFBoiling eXperiment Facility
BXFBuilders Exchange Foundation (Ohio)
BXFbreeders exchange format
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SC = substomatal chamber; ST = stomata; M = mesophyll; AdE = adaxial epidermis; TAE = thicker abaxial epidermis; X = xylem; P = phloem; BPF = bundle of phloematic fibers; BXF = bundle of xylem fibers; R = raphides; EAC = elongated adaxial cells; OC = ornamented cuticle).
The new BXF support is available immediately on new Brando systems and as a free upgrade for existing customers.
Harris has always taken a leading role in the development of open interconnectivity standards, from the first server protocol VDCP to the BXF messaging layer.
Expanding the company's commitment to building scalable and responsive filebased operations, Pilat Media is also introducing an advanced set of automation system interfaces based on BXF standards, initially for OmniBus automation systems.
The Live-Update solution will seamlessly integrate OSi traffic and billing software with existing HarrisA ADC automated content management and distribution systems, using BXF data exchange.