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BXNBromoxynil (cotton herbicide)
BXNBodrum, Turkey - Imsik Airport (Airport Code)
BXNBauxite and Northern Railway (Arkansas)
BXNBusiness Exchange Network
BXNBrand X Networks, Inc.
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BXN is a registered trademark of Rhone Poulenc Ag Company.
In its decision, the EPA agreed that Rhone-Poulenc's submission of additional scientific information shows the use of BUCTRIL on BXN cotton does not compromise human health or the environment.
This is a highly positive development for the nation's cotton growers who have clearly demonstrated through visits, calls and correspondence with the EPA that they want to use BUCTRIL in combination with BXN varieties of cotton," said Alan J.
For instance, members of Congress, the National Cotton Council, individual cotton growers and other group contacted the EPA to urge that sound science be utilized in reviewing BUCTRIL use on BXN cotton.
BXN varieties of seed, which are sold by Stoneville Pedigreed Seed Co.
In December the EPA chose not to renew the use of BUCTRIL on BXN cotton, citing what it said were questions about the potential human health risks from residues on cotton.
As a result of the EPA's actions, Rhone-Poulenc carried out additional research and analysis demonstrating that the use of BUCTRIL on BXN cotton does not represent undue risks, according to Margaret A.
Tenders are invited for Zone 3 :- IDH (Excluding) to BXN (Excluding) (a) Supply of materials other than teak wood and timber items (b) Repairs and maintenance work of various items 2014-15 (01.
Our partnership will help provide Calgene with the working capital needed for its produce operation and will help to finance the scale-up of Calgene's transgenic product line, including Laurical oil, BXN cotton and BXN/Bollgard cotton," said Mr.
for BXN cotton seed, the best new non-health care product; Frank Baldino, representing Cephalon Inc.