BXTBenzene, Xylene and Toluene
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Both BXT International and TCF Global have undertaken to:
Mr Carvell said yesterday that BXT was settling in well and would leverage off Business Post's broader customer base to win new contracts.
Business Post which is based at Heartlands, Birmingham, announced its acquisition of BXT yesterday.
9 million, said BXT would not be absorbed but allowed to remain as a free standing company within the group while allowing it to take advantage of more than 60 Business Post depots in the UK.
BXT has 150 employees, whose jobs remain unaffected by the takeover, and at the close of its books on July 31 at the end of its last full-year it had a profit of pounds 300,000 on a turnover of pounds 4.
Nicholas Terry, chairman of BXT, will remain with the company for a further 12 months in a consultancy capacity.
BXT operates in three sectors - utilities, which includes delivering water samples and specialised work around that business, and the IT and medical sectors, which includes work for several hospital trusts including Good Hope at Sutton Coldfield.
20, 2001, BXT will redeem the remaining 280 shares of preferred stock at a redemption price of $25,000 per share plus accumulated but unpaid dividends through Nov.
31, 2001: Accumulated Preferred Undistributed Common Distribu- Net Net Monthly tions Investment Investment Distribu- During Income/ Income/ Fund Symbol tions(a) Month(b) Share(c) Share(d) American Municipal Term Trust II BXT $0.