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BYDBuild Your Dreams (China)
BYDBury Your Dead (band)
BYDBarley Yellow Dwarf (grain disease)
BYDBeijing Youth Daily (newspaper; Beijing, China)
BYDBikram Yoga Denver (Denver, CO)
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Speaking there, Isbrand Ho, Managing Director of BYD Europe, said: BYD is honoured to have played a key role in helping Schiphol s airside transportation fleet to become one of the greenest in world.
In addition, media and Qin owners have expressed positive feedback on BYD Qin's performance.
Heblaw am y twrnamaint cyntaf oll yn 1987 a oedd yn arbrawf yn oes amatur y gem, mae prif lais Cwpan Rygbi'r Byd 2015 ar S4C, Wyn Gruffydd wedi bod yn sylwebu ymhob un o'r saith Cwpan Rygbi'r Byd o 1991 hyd eleni.
Wyn Gruffudd fydd y prif sylwebydd wrth i S4C ddarlledu gem derfynol Cwpan Rygbi'r Byd 2015 rhwng Awstralia a Seland Newydd heddiw (Dydd Sadwrn 31 Hydref ) yn fyw am 3.
BYD's Battery Electric bus employs many advanced technologies developed in-house by a staff of more than 15,000 R&D engineers, such as the advanced environmentally friendly, BYD Iron-Phosphate battery, in-wheel hub motors and regenerative braking system.
Ibrahim Qahtan, general manager of BYD Arabia, unveiled four models at the launch through First Advanced Auto, the company's official agent in the kingdom, added the report in Arab News.
Mohammed Mesbahi, executive vice president of the First Advanced Auto company, expressed his happiness of being the official agent of BYD brand in Saudi Arabia.
This award indicates that BYD is prepared to be a major player in the international automotive market with superior capabilities in safety research and development.
The company told the Wall Street Journal it was investigating the incident involving the BYD e6 with the local owner of the taxis and chargers, Link Management Ltd.
Buquebus, an Argentine company that operates ferry services from Montevideo, Colonia and Piriapolis to Buenos Aires, and CTS Auto SA, in collaboration with BYD Limited, a China-based automaker, have launched their first 12 meter rapid transit bus.
We expect to increase the number of e6 taxis in Hong Kong to 5,000 in three years," said Liu Xueliang, general manager of BYD Asia Pacific sales, after the company announced it is making a push in the former British colony to encourage the use of its all-electric e6 taxi.
A BYD bus can run for 10 years on the same batteries, meaning it could be used for over 5 years without paying for fuel, in addition to preserving the environment.