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BYEBetween Your Ears
BYEBiotech Yield Endorsement (now Biotechnology Endorsement; USDA)
BYEBuffered Yeast Extract
BYEBomb Your Enemies (gaming)
BYEBenefit Year Ending
BYEBangladesh Young Economists
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Some six handfuls were obtained; but more was unavoidably lost in the sea, and still more, perhaps, might have been secured were it not for impatient Ahab's loud command to Stubb to desist, and come on board, else the ship would bid them good bye.
By the bye," she continued, looking at him critically, "you are rather a surprising person, aren't you?
By the bye, I lost some money to you at bridge the other evening.
Jawn, 'tis the same age our little bye would have been if we had had one six years ago.
Tis an awful thing for a bit of a bye to be lost in this great big city.
If the bye we never had is strayed and stole, by the powers, call him Phelan, and see him hide out under the bed like a mangy pup.
Good-bye'--said Dolly--with as pleasant a smile as if he were going into the next street, and were coming back to supper; 'good- bye.
Mr Brennan added Mr Coulson had not been attacked by Karl Bye but another man who had picked up his crutch.
The bye week gives Olson a chance to add some more pounds.
Mr Bye said: "We found it's impossible to change your original registration.
As long as you don't beat your people up during a bye week,' UO coach Mike Bellotti said, `you should be better with two weeks of preparation,'
Western imagery and stoic gestures feature prominently in Bye, Bye Blues (1989) a tale of Daisy Cooper's (Rebecca Jenkins) challenging journey to independence and success set in western Canada during the Second World War Like Lily in Loyalties, Daisy must come to face the reality of her situation, a situation that calls for action.