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BYGBaptist Youth Group (BC, Canada)
BYGBlue Yard Garden (band)
BYGBuchanan Yonushewski Group, LLC (Denver, CO)
BYGBinnerri Youth Group (Dallas, Tx)
BYGBlack Yellow Green
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According to rice: BYG ratio in each pot, Three seedlings of the appropriate cultivar or one germinated BYG seed were transplanted (or planted) in hills in a square arrangement, with hills equidistant from the sides of the pot and from each other, on 1 June, 2010.
Aboveground biomass of rice and BYG were separated.
Where Yrb (or Ybr)= yield per pot of rice (or BYG) when grown with BYG (or rice) and Yrr (or Ybb)=yield per pot of rice (or BYG) in monoculture.
Where Wr n:n is aboveground or root dry weights and leaf area of rice at a ratio of n:n and Wbn:n is aboveground or root dry weight and leaf area of BYG at a ratio of n:n.
To assess the competitiveness of either cultivar against BYG, the four models for interference, proposed by Harper [18] and adapted by Fleming et al.
Hashemi aboveground dry weight reduced significantly when grown with BYG, but in Deylamani cultivar, aboveground dry weight did not significantly decrease in different rice: BYG mixture proportions (table 1).
Aboveground biomass of BYG when grown with Hashemi was more than that when grown with Deylamani, Specially in 6:2 rice:BYG ratio (table2).
The greater RCC of BYG over Hashemi supports the aggressiveness of BYG against the Hashemi rice cultivar in aboveground dry weights.
Maximum and minimum root dry weight in both cultivars was obtained in 2: 6 and 6:2 rice: BYG ratio, respectively.
trade on the Toronto and Alberta Stock Exchanges under the symbol BYG.
NCR provided the hardware for the Giftstop kiosk, developed jointly by BYG and BP.
TSE;ASE BYG ) today announced that the first gold bar was poured at its 100 percent-owned Mt.