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BYMBritain Yearly Meeting (Religious Society of Friends; UK)
BYMBlow Your Mind
BYMBetween You and Me
BYMBaltimore Yearly Meeting (of Friends)
BYMBrightest Young Minds (est. 2000; South Africa)
BYMBaptist Youth Ministries (various locations)
BYMBefore You Move
BYMBackyard Monsters (Facebook game)
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Details of the performance of the BYM model in estimating the relative risk of the high-risk areas are presented in Table 1, with findings for L1-BYM and MIX shown in Tables 2 and 3, respectively.
Overall, the performance of the L1-BYM model (Table 2) is similar to that of the BYM model.
The results for the MIX model given in Table 3 show a different pattern than those for the BYM or L1-BYM.
Having many heterogeneous clusters as in Simu 3 does not improve the MIX performance as much as that of BYM.
We first discuss rules adapted to the autoregressive BYM and L1-BYM models.
Furthermore, the spread of this distribution is less than the corresponding one for the BYM or L1-BYM models, as noted by Green and Richardson (2002).
For BYM and L1-BYM, the probabilities stay below 10% with no discernible pattern for Simu 1 and Simu 2.
Concerning the detection of truly increased relative risks and sensitivity, we first discuss the results for the BYM and L1-BYM models.
There is no clear pattern of difference between the results for BYM and L1-BYM; overall, the sensitivity is similar.
And, we hope other cable companies will join BYM in this program.
TCI and BYM plan to begin their efforts this summer.
founded in 1991, is a wholly owned subsidiary of The Cross Country Group which purchased BYM in 1993.