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BYOBring Your Own
BYOBuild Your Own
BYOBrew Your Own (beer making magazine)
BYOBulawayo, Zimbabwe (2nd largest city)
BYOBuy Your Own
BYOBritish Youth Opera
BYOBrighton Youth Orchestra (England, UK)
BYOBuckhead Youth Orchestra (Atlanta, Georgia)
BYOBetter Your Odds
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BYO Wireless now allows customers the freedom to use either GSM or CDMA phones with coverage on the nation's largest networks.
BYO Art Day invites everyone to display one piece of their own art in the gallery alongside the work of international artists.
BYO 6-1(9-3)Held up,headway over 1fout, stayed on near finish, 3rd of 12,1lbehind Jayanjay (913)at Brighton 5f hcp 0-75 (E) frm.
NASDAQ:CTXS) today announced the results of the Citrix Bring-Your-Own (BYO) Index revealing that 92 percent of IT organizations are aware that employees are using their own devices in the workplace and 94 percent intend to have a formal BYO policy in place by mid-2013, up from 44 percent today.
Many businesses will expand beyond smartphones and tablets and embrace BYO for personal computers.
It's BYO (yes, old school) doors 8pm and a tenner in - tickets available from this eay-to-remember link: http://somegirlproductions.
Obviously he's got the same ear that BYO has, because BYO picked up One Man Army, Belltones--a few of his other bands, along with us.
The report covers the following business types: licensed cafes, BYO cafes, licensed and BYO cafes and unlicensed cafes.
7-Eleven is kicking off Slurpee season on April 11 with BYO Cup Day.
Safari's boost in corporate usage can be attributed to the "consumerisation of IT" and BYO (bring your own) device programs where empowered workers expect Mac and iOS support in the workplace.
For in a nod to the credit crunch and a move intended to get bums on seats, Davey has swapped his drinks licence for a more casual BYO approach.
Think Stiff Little Fingers with power chords and progressions, and I swear they lifted some guitar from Devo's "Gates of Steel" on the first song "Victoria" off of their new LP, Rumors and Headlines on BYO.