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BYOABring Your Own Access (AOL)
BYOABring Your Own Alcohol
BYOABy Your Own Admission
BYOABring Your Own Amenities
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BYOD security strategies can also be applied to BYOA, albeit with a few new app-specific wrinkles:
But we believe that that previous setup ought to be updated because of BYOA," notes Hugh Thompson, chief security strategist and SVP of Blue Coat, a business assurance technology provider.
BYOA capabilities monitor apps loaded on employees' personal devices
Like BYOD, the BYOA trend is likely to introduce a fresh set of IT challenges when it comes to managing a relatively unpredictable, heterogeneous environment — a modern workplace reality that blurs the line between devices and data ownership," Burton said.
A Stratecast report by Frost & Sullivan, published late 2013, has identified an increase in the trend for BYOA.
We'll be extending our BYOD feature set and introducing BYOA capabilities, so companies can accommodate those trends while maintaining their security.
With our BYOA service, we're available anyplace consumers want us and can market aggressively to the millions of consumers who already have broadband connections--whether or not they're already AOL members.
This, in addition to trends like BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) and BYOA (Bring Your Own Application) have resulted in company networks being put under increasing stress, creating strong demand for flexible, high-performance cloud solutions which guarantee that applications will run smoothly over the networks.
This is only the beginning as BYOD slides into BYOA, or bring-your-own-apps.
BYOA means that today's business users are much more comfortable using consumer or "non-approved" applications for work activities.
iNetSec Smart Finder features directly address the growing BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) and BYOA (Bring Your Own Application) trends facing medium-sized businesses with combined technologies tailored for their needs.
Copiun TrustedShare lets IT executives say "yes" to BYOD and BYOA (Bring Your Own Apps) by helping secure, isolate and protect documents throughout their lifecycle - from access request through transfer, editing and publishing.