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BYODBring Your Own Device
BYODBring Your Own Disaster
BYODBreach Your Own Data
BYODBring Your Own Drink
BYODBring Your Own Disk
BYODBring Your Own Drugs
BYODBring Your Own Dessert
BYODBring Your Own Dice (gaming)
BYODBuy Your Own Drinks
BYODBring Your Own Deck (playing cards)
BYODBang Your Own Drum (band)
BYODBathe Your Own Dog Llc (Black Eagle, MT)
BYODBe Your Own Detective
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Calhoun County Schools in Anniston, AL, outsourced its BYOD professional development to Chalkable's i21Zone.
BYOD and cloud computing connect a multitude of devices to make interfacing with data simpler, but it is business automation software that brings the devices together so that the information is readily usable.
So long as you are managing the risks, there is no reason that your business cannot experience great success with BYOD.
Whitener explained, "The Pokemon GO security issues have been a wake-up call to businesses that permit use of personal mobile devices for business purposes, but have not put in place either a BYOD policy that employees must comply with or security measures for protecting corporate and personal information from unauthorized access that apps such as Pokemon GO may enable.
The report covers the present scenario and the growth prospects of the global BYOD security market for 2016-2020.
It revealed that 39% of employees are worried about BYOD security, and 12% have concerns about the privacy of their data.
The global BYOD & Enterprise Mobility market is estimated to be dominated by IBM, Microsoft Corporation, MobileIron, IBM Corporation, Hewlett-Packard, AirWatch, Avaya Inc.
A BYOD & Mobile Security Report from B2B marketing expert Holger Schulze shows that 30% of businesses experienced a security incident due to BYOD.
On the bright side BYOD is now prevalent in smaller, mid-sized and large organisations alike where the practice enables an outt to go mobile without a huge device and service investment.
Since we're only going to see more and better technology come out, the BYOD phenomenon isn't going away," says Eden Dahlstrom, director of research at Educause.
Dealing with this loss of revenue would mean diversifying, for example in taking back control of the customer end-user experience, or by offering integrated solutions for Enterprise Mobility Management that can provide new sources of revenue to help them counter the negative effects of this BYOD phenomenon," commented Salpeas.
Karen Billings, vice president of the Education Division at SIIA, says that both the K-12 and higher-education sectors "are implementing BYOD primarily so that students can access or research digital content online.