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BYOTBring Your Own Tent
BYOTBring Your Own Teeth
BYOTBring Your Own Tablet
BYOTBring Your Own Transaction (Microsoft COM+ objects)
BYOTBring Your Own Technology
BYOTBring Your Own Towel
BYOTBring Your Own Tears
BYOTBring Your Own Tools
BYOTBuild Your Own Theology
BYOTBring Your Own Tequila
BYOTBring Your Own Tea (texting)
BYOTBring Your Own Topic
BYOTBring Your Own Tissues
BYOTBring Your Own Toy
BYOTBring Your Own Thong
BYOTBring Your Own Toothbrush
BYOTBring Your Own Trojan
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While GCI doesn't exactly encourage the idea of employees supplying their own devices, it maintains a very open BYOT policy.
Nonprofit organizations are also engaging in BYOT practices.
But Jill Hobson believes that essential learning can be done with a BYOT program.
In BYOT, some schools have created separate networks or mandate that students to sign onto school networks.
A local doctor and his wife here in our community felt moved to give, and they did fundraising and identified BYOT as their focus," Hobson said.
In the BYOT classroom, it's actually a very dynamic environment with lots of collaboration and interaction.
With mobility, virtualization and BYOT, or bring-your-own-technology, trends growing throughout the marketplace, CDW's customers are looking for simple technology solutions to complicated business and mission problems," said Harry Zoberman, CDW vice president, software solutions.
BYOT has grown as devices from smart phones to iPads have become the personal computing gadgets of choice, but are not encompassed in existing enterprise policies.
NYSE: THO), the sole owner of operating subsidiaries that manufacture recreational vehicles, has named Bruce Byots as its new senior director of Investor Relations, effective immediately.
Owned by lesbian couple Valerie Safran and Marcie Turney, Lolita is wildly popular with the BYOB set, specifically the BYOTs, because if you bring the tequila, the staff will provide homebrewed margarita mix (the blood-orange variety is a big hit).
NASDAQ: MCAR) announced today that Bruce Byots has joined the company as Director, Investor Relations.