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In the Cleveland Clinic study, for example, all of the gastric bypass patients who reached their target blood glucose levels, did so without any diabetic medications.
This led to the concept of in situ bypass grafting, where the vein was not reversed at all, but vein valves were atraumatically cut, thus allowing for the flow of blood distally down the vein.
When the only possible bypass outflow site is one of the foot arteries, femoro-pedal or popliteal pedal bypass remains the only option.
In spite of the successful outcomes in open bypass surgery, less than 50% of patients report feeling that they are back to normal 6 months after surgery.
Efficacy of the dorsal pedis bypass for limb salvage in diabetic patients: Short term observations.
From a psychological standpoint, spiritual bypass involves a cutoff of important unfinished business.
Most notably, spiritual bypass may be used to compensate for low self-esteem, anxiety, depression, narcissism, and dependency issues (Welwood, 2000).
Similarly, people in spiritual bypass may use the teaching of their particular spiritual leaders to justify the repression of anger.
Another common outcome of spiritual bypass is spiritual narcissism or ego inflation (Ellis, 2000b; Rosenthal, 1987; West, 2000).
As discussed in the introduction, retired singles may hold life insurance because of its ability to bypass the probate process, its high liquidation value relative to other assets, or its liquidity-improving effects.
Particularly, life insurance death benefits have a higher value than conventional assets upon death as they can be distributed directly to designated beneficiaries to bypass the probate process and hence incur zero cost of waiting.
However, notice that life insurance death benefits can be paid directly to designated beneficiaries to bypass the probate process and hence avoid any costs of waiting.