BYPLBSES (Bombay Suburban Electric Supply) Yamuna Power, Ltd.
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BYPL invites sealed tenders from eligible Bidders for the above-mentioned Contract
PDS to the BYPL Billing System on daily basis and overall supervision of Data Centre.
In its warning of power cuts, BYPL has cited a lack of funds to purchase any more power.
In a letter written on January 30, the NTPC told the government that it would snap power supply to BYPL if the company did not pay its dues by the same evening.
In the absence of adequate tariff, BYPL has been constrained to make only partial payments to Delhi Gencos and Transco against power supplies, and the amount outstanding to them on December 31, 2013 is ` 1,351 crore," said the letter.
In order to minimise the impact of this transmission constraint, BYPL continues to make efforts to divert power from other sources, to the extent possible.
The three discoms responsible for power in Delhi -- BRPL ( BSES Rajdhani Power limited), BYPL ( BSES Yamuna Power Limited) and TPDDL ( Tata Power Delhi Distribution Limited) expect an increase of another 400 MW in demand this year.
83 crore from the two major discoms -- BRPL and BYPL ( BSES Rajdhani Power and BSES Yamuna Power respectively).
THe CAG also found discoms BRPL ( BSES Rajdhani Power Limited) and BYPL to be irregular in their payments of wheeling charges from October 2010 onwards.
In Delhi, the two biggest private discoms -- BYPL and BRPL -- claim to have detected stolen power load of around 4.
For Delhi discoms-- BRPL, BYPLS and TPDDL-- there is nearly ` 27,000 cr revenue deficit.