BZ2Bzip2 (compression file-naming convention)
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Open RAR and BZ2 files with WinZip's expanded support for various compression formats
Recovery percentages of applied chloride and inorganic nitrogen for the between-zone (BZI and BZ2) and frond pile (FP) plots in the 4 leaching experiments Plot Sangara I Sangara 2 Dami l Dami 2 Chloride BZI 62 116 43 83 BZ2 77 104 77 83 FP Not sampled 130 108 130 Nitrogen BZI 76 136 52 123 BZ2 89 149 62 77 FP Not sampled 90 102 139 Table 3.
0, available in Standard or Pro, include practical image handling through thumbnails and a new internal image viewer, more efficient compression, enhanced data backup functionality, and support for RAR and BZ2 files.
The company is pleased to add Zipx to the long list of files that it currently supports, including RAR, 7Z, BZ2, LHA and LZH, and many others.