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BZDBenzodiazepine (tranquilizer)
BZDBaltimore Zionist District (Maryland)
BZDBelizian Dollar (ISO currency code)
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Possibly, current society's low frustration to tolerance together with its pace of life have transformed BZDs into one of the most highly demanded drugs in Primary Care and Psychiatry consultations.
The absorptions in case of ANI and CHN casted layers are in between of those of BZD (highest absorption) and TOL (lowest absorption) casted films.
Scutellaria lateriflora (SL) has traditionally been used for anxiety and related disorders in North America, and in vitro studies have shown it to contain phytochemicals with BZD and serotonin-7 (5-HT7) receptor binding affinity.
L'usage a risque des BZD chez les aines est un phenomene oo les facteurs de risque sont lies tant aux predispositions genetiques, aux facteurs psychologiques (depression et anxiete) qu'a l'environnement social (spectre biopsychosocial) de l'individu.
Some studies have indicated that PTZ diminishes the GABAergic tone (Macdonald and Barker, 1977) by the inhibition of BZD site of the GABA receptors (Rehavi et al.
BZD use is based upon their cross tolerance with ethanol and their sedative, anxiolytic and anticonvulsant properties.
An understanding of the risks associated with BZD treatment is essential for informed risk-benefit analysis of the various treatment options.
Lot 2: rapid urine screening for drugs: AMP, BUP, COC, MTD, OPIA, THC, BZD with witnesses if possible
No se recomienda el uso de BZD para el tratamiento de la dependencia del alcohol mas alla de su uso para la asistencia de la abstinencia programada o no programada.
Poly(amic acid) (PAA) was synthesized from PMDA and BZD in DMAc by the low-temperature method (the solid content was 15 wt%) (9).
2) observaram que 18,6% da amostra da "Pesquisa Nacional em Saude" ja haviam usado BZD.