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There are other forms of CST beside the solar tower shown in Figure 7; for example, the parabolic trough, Linear Fresnel Reflector (LFR) and dish (for descriptions see BZE, 2012; EASAC, 2011; IEA, 2010b; Wyld & MMA, 2008).
The rest of Part 1 examines ideas and proposals from this BZE plan.
As the BZE aim is for all of Australia's energy needs to be supplied by renewable sources, the Stationary Energy Plan provides for electricity to supply energy needed for transport, heating and many industrial processes currently relying on fossil fuels.
In order to flatten the variability of wind and solar generation and to link remote generation sites with the grid, the BZE plan proposes a number of extensions and interconnections for the grid.
BZE was founded in Melbourne in 2006 by Matthew Wright and Adrian Whitehead.
Staffers in the office of the Federal Minister for Climate Change, Greg Combet, have told constituents that 'the Government does not consider the proposal set out in the BZE plan as achievable or cost effective.
Although the aforementioned criticisms share the view that implementation of the Plan will be far more expensive than BZE has calculated, none have been able to substantiate this view, nor have any of them raised any credible points about its technical details.
In response to the first of these observations, BZE deliberately sought endorsements from prominent scientists, environmentalists, politicians, policy-makers and business people from across the political spectrum as a means of undercutting criticism from some on the Right, who we anticipated would argue that the plan is an impractical and unachievable example of leftist central planning, as well as some on the Left, who we anticipated would argue that the Plan is another example of technocratic social engineering that will further contribute to environmental degradation.
Subsequent experiments determined that the 100 reading is equal to a BZE concentration of ~60 [micro]g/L.
SIM ions used to monitor BZE were m/z 318, 272, and 439.
The limit of detection (mean + 3SD) was calculated by analyzing 20 blank urines; for BZE, the limit of detection was ~1 [micro]g/L.
Lowering the BZE cutoff increases the concern that positive results might be caused by passive inhalation or occupational exposure.