BZLBegeleid Zelfstandig Leren (Dutch: Self-Guided Learning)
BZLBinani Zinc Limited (est. 2000; Hindustan, IN)
BZLBritannia Zinc, Ltd.
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We are very happy to join forces with BZL to hasten the development of this unique drug.
Our partner BZL shares our vision that targeted radiotherapy drugs have the unique ability to eradicate micro-metastatic disease at an early stage of cancer progression.
The terms of the agreement call for Millennium and BZL to jointly develop the immunotoxin and radiolabeled products for the prostate cancer indication until a predetermined clinical decision point.
We look forward to working with BZL to build on their excellent work and to quickly bring new therapeutic options to the market for those diagnosed with cancer.
The team at BZL is very excited to work with Millennium, a dynamic and visionary biopharmaceutical company, that is extremely aggressive in bringing products through development.
Watson is a member of the board of directors for Summit Bancorp, Engelhard Corporation, Dendreon Corporation, ValiGen Corporation, Principia Pharmaceuticals Corporation, BZL Biologics Inc.
Dennis Goldberg, president and CEO of BZL, said that MLN591 may have applications to other tumor types as well.
Prior to the license and development agreement with Millennium, BZL had completed the de-immunization process for MLN591 and created a highly productive cell line and commercial-scale GMP manufacturing of the antibody.
In-licensing: As a result of its ongoing aggressive in-licensing effort, Millennium brought in clinical and preclinical programs to augment its oncology portfolio: MLN591 from BZL Biologics, L.
This license, in addition to collaborations with ImmunoGen and BZL Biologics earlier this year, underscores Millennium's commitment to building a significant portfolio of cutting-edge cancer therapeutics through a combination of internally-derived, in-licensed and acquired products and capabilities.