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BZPBionicle Zone Power
BZPBright Zinc Plate
BZPBuffer Zone Plan (US DHS)
BZPBonded Zone Plus
bZPBovine Zona Pellucida
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That was when he first heard of BZP, he'd never heard of it before and neither had I.
When they raided the couple's home on Fouracres Road, in Blakelaw, detectives found 111 grams of heroin with an 18% purity, 4,667 half BZP tablets, scales containing heroin and a further 4,410 BZP tablets.
We lost control of BZP and now it is a gateway drug because young people on BZP knew it was going to the streets.
More than 30,000 BZP pills were found in his VW Golf along with cocaine and cannabis - altogether having a street value of around pounds 75,000.
Scientists at Anglia Ruskin University analysed the most serious effects of BZP and other compounds in a class known as piperazines.
BZP, once promoted as a legal alternative to ecstasy, was banned in March.
He said: "The danger with drugs containing potentiallydamaging ingredients, such as BZP, is that no-one really has any idea of how damaging they are.
He had taken BZP at a party and the next day took a small amount of MDMA - powdered ecstasy - but complained of feeling hot and collapsed.
Detective Chief Inspector Peter Moore, of the PSNI Drugs Squad, said: "While BZP is not ecstasy it can pose the same health problems.
Police found 54 Ecstasy tablets, 11 packages of ketamine and the designer party drugs BZP and M-Cat.
Christine White hid class B amphetamine and class C drugs BZP, MEOPP and TFMPP in the safe in July last year.
During the court case last year, O'Brien's then-partner Yvonne Sayers, 23, of Molineux Close, Byker, Newcastle, was sentenced to 10 months, suspended for a year, after admitting a charge of possession with intent to supply 10,000 BZP tablets.