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BZSBannayan Zonana Syndrome (human disorder; est. 1971)
BZSBritain Zimbabwe Society (UK)
BZSBermuda Zoological Society
BZSBadmintonska Zveza Slovenije (badminton club, Slovenia)
BZSBeat Zimmermann Spiez (engineering firm; Spiez, Switzerland)
BZSBowling Zveza Slovenije (Slovenian: Bowling Federation of Slovenia)
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Welcome Air, a small regional carrier based in Innsbruck and owned by Swiss Lions Air Group AG, is in the process of taking over Air Alps, an independent Austrian regional that is 76 percent owned by BZS Holding, a consortium of several Italian companies.
New from Boschert, the leading manufacturer of safety chucks, is the Boschert Constant Tension System, BZS 3.
For the Longer-Acting BZS (LABZs) - (Half-Life 20 to 200 Hours)