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BAALBritish Association for Applied Linguistics
BAALBlack Academy of Arts and Letters
BAALBay Area Academic League (California)
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The Baal Shamin temple dated to the early first century and was dedicated to the Phoenician god of storms and fertilizing rains.
While Baal also appears as the son of Dagan in Ugaritic literature, this relationship is purely formulaic, being expressed solely in the fixed phrases "Baal, son of Dagan" (b'l bn dgn) and "Baal, offspring/lineage of Dagan (b'l htk dgn).
While the final Einasleigh payment could have been funded out of cash flow from operations, we decided to raise additional capital as an insurance policy moving into the wet season given the recent unforeseen bureaucratic delays that occurred in bringing Baal Gammon on line.
Moody's Investors Service rates the senior unsecured debt of AB InBev at Baal, the third-lowest investment grade.
Baal offered fertility, prosperity and positive results--along with sensual pleasure.
Half of the total was located in the Temple of Baal, which was also the site of all 18 games of Syrian type (Figure 3).
The Sri Baal Ramleela Committee (Children Ramleela Committee) Kotha Parcha organised the event.
A new Jewish presence at the Biblical site of Baal Hatzor has been established.
Part One explores the transition to modernity, retracing the philosophical accomplishments of thinkers such as Moses Mendelssohn, Spinoza, and religious figures such as Baal Shem Tov.
Elijah wants all the people in Israel to believe in God instead of the god Baal that most of the people there worship.
The purpose of this article is to consider factors that relate to the question of how and why Bertolt Brecht's Baal (1918) can be read as a contemporary queer experience.
According to the Old Testament, she was a cruel, immoral queen who encouraged the worship of her god, Baal, and tried to kill Elijah and other prophets of Israel in the 9th century BC.