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BAARNBay Area Animal Rights Network (San Francisco, CA)
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As a child in Baarn,near Utrecht,Francina (Fanny) Elsje Koen was an outstanding athlete,much encouraged by her father, a government official, who had been a fine shot-putter and discus thrower.
The small town of Baarn, near Utrecht in Holland, was the home of the foremost mould collection in the world.
Hollywood Slim, based in Baarn, Holland, claim their product has the backing of top doctors.
All the subjects in the study were living in a home for the mentally retarded in Baarn in The Netherlands.
The isolate was subsequently identified at the Centraalbureau voor Schimmelcultures, Baarn, Netherlands, as a small-spored N.
Well, we couldn't really survive on the shop alone in such a small town as Baarn (the Dutch city where the family began its operations)," he says.
On the interaction of economy and culture], Ambo, Baarn.
Bregstein accuses one of the foremost recent scholars of Nazi persecution in Belgium, Gie van den Berghe, of anti-Semitism in De Uitbuiting van de Holocaust (Antwerp and Baarn, 1990), for having criticized Israeli instrumentalization of the Holocaust in terms that were far more prudent than those of, among others, Tom Segev, Idith Zerthall, Amos Elon and Michael R.
In 1941, he moved back to the Netherlands to settle in Baarn.
1991), In het teken van de economie: over de wisselwerking van economie en cultuur (Marked by Economics: On the Interaction of Economics and Culture), Ambo, Baarn.
Baarn in the Netherlands, Montreal, and our campus facilities in Foxborough.