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BABELBangka Belitung (Sumatra Provinche, Indonesia district)
BABELBay Area Bilingual Education League (Berkeley, CA)
BABELBroadcasting Across the Barriers of European Languages (initiative)
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Above this a polyglot babel of signs struggled to indicate the abodes of palmists, dressmakers, musicians and doctors.
The lower-fourth, and all the forms below it, were heard in the great school, and were not trusted to prepare their lessons before coming in, but were whipped into school three-quarters of an hour before the lesson began by their respective masters, and there, scattered about on the benches, with dictionary and grammar, hammered out their twenty lines of Virgil and Euripides in the midst of babel.
Men were shaking hands, it did not matter with whom, and bubbling over in a general incoherent babel.
A soft babel of feminine chatter and laughter came from the main room.
Though these several movements were made amid outcries, and a clamour, that likened the place to another Babel, they were executed with incredible alacrity and intelligence.
Here, a dozen squabbling urchins made a very Babel in the air; there, a solitary man, half clerk, half mendicant, paced up and down with hungry dejection in his look and gait; at his elbow passed an errand-lad, swinging his basket round and round, and with his shrill whistle riving the very timbers of the roof; while a more observant schoolboy, half-way through, pocketed his ball, and eyed the distant beadle as he came looming on.
The bell again; the glare of light and heat dispelled; the factories, looming heavy in the black wet night - their tall chimneys rising up into the air like competing Towers of Babel.
Then came a turnpike; then fields again with trees and hay-stacks; then, a hill, and on the top of that, the traveller might stop, and--looking back at old Saint Paul's looming through the smoke, its cross peeping above the cloud (if the day were clear), and glittering in the sun; and casting his eyes upon the Babel out of which it grew until he traced it down to the furthest outposts of the invading army of bricks and mortar whose station lay for the present nearly at his feet--might feel at last that he was clear of London.
Now, following 18 months at German club Hoffenheim, Babel has returned to Ajax and believes he is in the perfect place to regain his best form.
The province, in central Iraq, is in desperate need of new housing projects - and Babel Hills is designed to address some of that need.
Babel looked as though he was heading for Bundesliga side Hoffenheim after the clubs agreed a fee.
Babel flew to Germany yesterday for talks and a medical with the Bundesliga outfit after the Anfield outfit accepted a bid of nearly pounds 6m for the Holland international.