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BABIBay Area Birth Information (California)
BABIBritish American Business Inc. (New York, NY)
BABIBasaltic Achondrite Best Initial (earth science)
BABIBayside Adolescent Boarding Incorporated (Wynnum, Queensland, Australia)
BABIBelgian Association for Burn Injuries (est. 1987)
BABIBeats Above Baseline Index (physical therapy)
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Pan mae'n gweld y babi, mae e jest ishe cymryd cyfrifoldeb drosti hi.
Maistrenko's 18 relatives never returned from Babi Yar.
Otherwise, she would have ended up at Babi Yar and neither of us would have been born.
Naomi Seeley surveys the empty shelves at Bocs Babi in Valley
Though little known in the West, Russian-Jewish writers Ilya Ehrenburg and Lev Ozerov wrote poems of mourning about Babi Yar immediately after the war.
When he was waiting for a work permit for Muscat he came across an article in Time magazine about Bollywood and decided to come to India to meet Parveen Babi.
1926) wrote much about Babi history, bibliography, and factionalism, but translated and analyzed only a few items of his challenging literary output.
Babi Badalov escaped from Wales after his brother warned he would kill him and commit suicide for bringing shame upon the family.
Rabbani has written extensively on the Babi and Baha'i religions.