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BABISBoston Acquired Brain Injury Support (Jamaica Plain, MA)
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The other eight parties in the lower house of parliament say there are conflicts of interest around Babis, as the founder of a business empire, and have refused to support him while fraud charges are hanging over him.
Babis has used populist rhetoric and expressed some anti-EU views in the past, especially in relation to migration policy.
7) Yet unless the international context radically changes, Babis, whose priority is economic stability and whose companies are major recipients of EU subsidies, has no interest in seriously questioning the country's EU membership or fundamentally altering its pro-Western political orientation--far less than his Hungarian or Polish counterparts.
The swill stick of politics did not tar Babis all that much, a figure who has managed to develop a certain Teflon coating in a manner similar to other billionaire leaders (think Silvio Berlusconi and a certain Donald Trump in the White House).
Babis has put new emphasis on battling tax fraud and improving collection to boost state coffers since becoming finance minister in 2014.
Elan Aran Roberts, o Gaernarfon, fydd y babi cyntaf i ni gyfarfod yn Babi Del.
Late Bollywood heartthrob Parveen Babi was a descendant of the Babis.
The idea for Cn y Babis came from a roll-call of requests for on-air mentions on Dafydd a Caryl - the show Caryl co presents with Dafydd Du on BBC Radio Cymru.
Andrej Babis, owner of Agrofert, did not confirm the transaction, while United Bakeries declined making a comment on it.
The airline regional development manager international, Babis Bekes, said, 'Since January 2010, Aegean Airlines has been operating daily service between Athens and Tel Aviv.
In his "The Historical Roots of the Persecution of Babis and Baha'is in Iran" (pp.
The Board also approved the appointment of Maureen Babis as NYCIDA executive director.