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BBTDBaby Bottle Tooth Decay
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Kelley M, Bruerd B: The prevalence of baby bottle tooth decay among two native American populations J Public Health Dent 1987;47:94-7.
Early childhood caries (ECC), or baby bottle tooth decay, is rampant caries in the primary teeth of infants and toddlers.
The incidence of early childhood cavities or baby bottle tooth decay is extremely high.
The most frequent problems the dentists treat include cavities, worn enamel and severe decay known as baby bottle tooth decay.
Mothers are warned to guard against baby bottle tooth decay which, dentists say, is particularly prevalent in the Black community.
Baby bottle tooth decay is most often found in lower socioeconomic, Native American, and Hispanic populations, although it is becoming an increasing problem among young children of middle and upper class working parents.
Baby bottle tooth decay can result from poor nursing-bottle practices such as giving a child milk, formula, fruit juice or other sweetened liquids as a pacifier during the day or before falling asleep at bedtime.