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The BKG HiCon V-Type 3G screen changer requires less maintenance and operator supervision than either the older Nordson system or a backflush system from a competing supplier, said Mr.
What's more, compared to a normal backflush system, "the laser filter disc can stay in for extended periods of time because there is continuous removal of the contaminants by the scraper," says John Capece, sales manager for EREMA North America Inc.
A salinity measurement taken from just seaward of the dam on the afternoon of March 1, 2010 during the initial phase of the backflush registered 28.
The backflush system discharges high-boiling point components efficiently through the injection port split vent to reduce analysis time, and prevent column deterioration and detector contamination.
This is certainly encouraged by Just-in-Time with its use of backflush costing, but not all companies can or should use JIT.
JIT/S balances these data with real-time customer requirements, on-hand balances, and production plans, and then returns sequenced production and shipment schedules, and backflush information.
You need shopfloor data collection to record productivity, yield, overall equipment effectiveness etc to support a lean environment, and this data supports backflush accounting.
Its nozzles automatically backflush and clean themselves at start up and shut down, which is intended to increase the uptime of the printer.
The analytes bound to the extraction column were then eluted in backflush mode onto the analytical column.
Pulp screens would plug quickly if it were not for rotor elements that pass over the apertures and instantaneously backflush the pulp accumulations.
This system included a Filter Sentinel control package for electronic indication of backflush requirements and pump dry-run protection.
With the centrifuge, we can now process 1200 barrels prior to backflush of the sheet filter.