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BactrBactrian (linguistics)
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These dates imply that the Bactrian calendar remained closely tied to the Babylonian calendar, established under the Achaemenids.
But at that time I knew little of the Bactrian Greeks except for the fine portrait coins of their kings I had seen in the British Museum.
Coins of the Banliang and Wuzhu types and those issued in the Wang Mang, Wei, Jin and Tang periods are described among those following the 'Chinese' tradition, while Parthian, Bactrian, Indian (Kushan), Roman and Byzantine coins are grouped as belonging to 'Western' traditions.
Topics include the history of domestication, participatory approaches to using camels in desertification, the wild Bactrian camel, environmental education and public awareness, camel-breeding in Kalmykia and Turkmenistan, methods of advising producers, standards for camel milk and new dairy methods, new data on adipocyte size and plasma leptin, human treatment with camel chal, pasturing, and wool and meat production.
Bradford, a real young boy who suffered from the ravages of Ewing's Sarcoma, goes on a fictional journey to seek out and save the wild Bactrian camel.
Considerations include: aiding in flood control, fish or crop production, protecting food sources for endangered species like the wild Bactrian camel (more endangered than the giant panda), protection of other small grazing animals that are on the edge of extinction, preservation of habitats for endangered bird species that migrate through this area, preservation of endangered plant species and more.
If you spell Bactrian and Dromedary with capital letters, you will never forget that the Bactrian has two humps and the Dromedary one.
Zoo staff did not even know their two-humped Bactrian camel Holly was pregnant.
To get there, you hoist yourself onto a Bactrian camel, which has -- (number) humps.
The Bactrian camels, an endangered species, were oblivious to cars speeding by as they grazed at the roadside.
There are an estimated 900 wild Bactrian camels that survive in the world today.
But Terry Moore--wrangler, animal trainer, and owner, with wife Marcee, of Camelot Adventure Lodge, southwest of Moab--says Clyde, my blond Bactrian, is only grumbling because of the drizzly weather.