BAJBattery Association of Japan
BAJBelarusian Association of Journalists
BAJBridge Asia Japan
BAJBank Aljazira (Saudi Arabia)
BAJBureau d'Aide Juridique
BAJBritish Audio Journal
BAJBristol Aerojet (UK)
BAJBrewers Association of Japan
BAJBoite a Jeux (French: Box Games; gaming website)
BAJBreviandes Animations Jeunes (French: Breviandes Young Entertainment)
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Femme Assise, 1966, Enrico Baj (1924-2003), felt, a scarf, passementerie, beads, wooden objects and wax crayons on fabric on canvas in artist's frame, 150 x 116cm.
Hence, the highest haplotype diversity value was observed in BaJ for the Bangladeshi duck populations and in CD for the Korean duck populations.
Jack Oldham, Dan Bland, Ryan Stanners and James Pentland netted for Forest Hall Colts against Newbiggin Hall, but Hall took the points through Jack Coles, Baj Bube, Rhys McIntosh and Ryan Spragg (3).
Dudley Street resident Baj Panesar believes the route is an accident waiting to happen.
Chris Powell took 2-18 for Llanarth and Baj Banaras 1-24.
15 June 2011 - Capital Intelligence downgraded on Tuesday to BBB from BBB+ the financial strength rating (FSR) of Saudi Bank Aljazira (SAU:1020), or BAJ.
Summary: The Lebanese fashion designer Sarah Baj has decided to feature the face of the great Lebanese artist Sabah on their new line of woman's handbags
The affirmation of AJC's IDRs reflects the extremely high probability of support from its owner, BAJ, which owns 99.
The signatories are: Adem Demaci (1991 winner), Taslima Nasreen (1994), Wei Jingsheng (1996), Salima Ghezali (1997), Dom Zacarias Kamwenho (2001), Oswaldo Jose Paya Sardinas (2002), the Belarusian Journalist Association - BAJ (2004), Hauwa Ibrahim (2005), Reporters Without Borders (2005), Alexander Milinkevich (2006) and Salih Mahmoud Mohamed Osman (2007).
Warsaw is renowned as a centre of cultural tourism thanks to numerous theatrical and musical venues, including the prestigious National Opera, the Chamber Opera, the National Philharmonic Hall and the National Theatre, as well as the music theatres Roma and Buffo, the Jewish Theatre, characterised by its unique atmosphere, and puppet theatres, such as Baj, Guliwer and Lalka.
Then it veers through an itinerary one could study with profit today, joining as it does the great hotrod pinstriper Von Dutch Holland with Stieglitz, Cornell, Schwitters, and Enrico Baj, to name a few of the many names packed into half a page.