BakkBakkalaureus (Degree; German)
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8) See, for example: Miklos Bakk, Politikai kozosseg es identitas (Political community and identity), Cluj-Napoca: Komp-Press Kiado, 2008.
Tom Bakk, DFL-Cook, in formation of a task force to address the issue of low water levels in the Island Lake Reservoir.
Bakk called for formation of such a group during a meeting Aug.
The conference also will feature Louann Bakk, MSW, director of Access and Benefits for the Area Agency on Aging 1-B, who will speak on the new Medicare prescription drug benefit.
BAKK STABBER: Brattbakk scores for Rosenborg; BHOY WONDERS: O'Neill has had more food for thought recently
Our existing systems were not allowing us to provide our clients with regular, quality reporting," said Kal Bakk, senior vice president, Group and Institutional Markets.
Brinzo also acknowledged the efforts of Governor Pawlenty, Senator Bakk, and Representative Dill in enacting special legislation to facilitate the environmental permitting of the initial nugget production plant at Cliffs Erie.
Celtic's former assistant general manager ran the rule over Harald Bratt- bakk for more than a year.