BakkBakkalaureus (Degree; German)
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After 8 March 2017, the employee representatives of Tryg's supervisory board are Tina Snejbjerg, Lone Hansen, Tom Eileng abd Bakk.
8) See, for example: Miklos Bakk, Politikai kozosseg es identitas (Political community and identity), Cluj-Napoca: Komp-Press Kiado, 2008.
BOBBY DAZZLER: Ryan takes on Rosenborg's Berg ; BAKK TRACK: Rosenborg's Harald Brattbakk closes down Damien Lynch
BAKK STABBER: Brattbakk scores for Rosenborg; BHOY WONDERS: O'Neill has had more food for thought recently
Majority Leader Tom Bakk, DFL-Cook, and others that she cannot hold both positions, Fischbach refuses to leave the Senate.
Note: Senate Minority Leader Tom Bakk, DFL-Cook, is said to be the hold out on the GOP proposal Davids references, which might have averted a legal standoff.
Bakk wants to force Fischbach out of office and run a DFLer in her district in hopes of flipping the Senate majority, Gazelka said.
An attempt to hold offices in both the legislative and executive branches at the same time is a clear violation of the separation of powers, Bakk wrote.
Celtic's former assistant general manager ran the rule over Harald Bratt- bakk for more than a year.