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BZNBalzan (postal locality, Malta)
BZNBand Zonder Naam (Dutch: Band Without a Name)
BZNBulletin of Zoological Nomenclature (International Commission on Zoological Nomenclature; UK)
BZNBozeman, MT, USA - Gallatin Field (Airport Code)
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Yamanaka, 48, is one of this year's four winners of the Balzan Prizes, awarded to individuals or organizations recognized for making outstanding achievements in the fields of humanities, natural sciences, culture and peace.
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Balzan S, de Almeida Quadros C, de Cleva R, Zilberstein B, Cecconello I.
By 1891, the magdalen asylum at the Ospizio had closed and the magdalen asylum of the Sisters of the Good Shepherd in Balzan enclosed 34 penitent women.
She received numerous awards over her lifetime, including the Indian Padmashri Award, the Pope John XXIII Peace Prize, the Kennedy Prize, the Nehru Prize, the Balzan Prize, the Nobel Peace Prize, the United States Presidential Meda1 of Freedom and the Congressional Gold Medal.
Prior to the seven week summer break, Alessandro Balzan (Ebimotors Centro Porsche) confirmed his role as leader at the first night race in the history of the Carrera Cup Italia in Misano (18 July) with the second win of the season.
Take the 1796 case of Maria from the village of Balzan.
Students Rebecca Campbell, Levi Talbot, Heather Hannam, Daniel Roche, Mays Mahdi and Matthew Balzan, took part in the UK final after winning the Welsh crown in the Make Your Mark Challenge.
Ian Balzan, 43, of Linner Road, Speke, admitted assisting the killers by helping remove Mr Small's body, concealing the Samurai sword and arranging the sale of a car used to carry the body to the shore.
Ian Balzan, 43, of Linner Road, Speke, and Kenneth Weaver, 43, of Asbridge Street, Toxteth, deny assisting an of fender.
By a remarkable coincidence, Jean Starobinski--in a paper on Scientific Language and Poetic Language delivered at the Convegno della Fondazione Balzan at the Royal Society of London in May, 2002--also illustrated the difference and, at the same time, the continuity between the two universes of discourse, comparing a "lunga e complicata equazione corrispondente alla formazione delle onde su uno specchio d'acqua" ("long and complicated equation corresponding to the formation of waves on a mirror of water"), cited by the physicist Arthur Eddington, with a stanza by an English poet evoking "acque agitate da venti durante il giorno e gelate di notte" ("waters agitated by winds during the day and frozen at night"), also recalled subsequently by Eddington.
France was celebrated at last year's event with French distributors like Flache Pyramide chief Eric Lagesse, French producer Export's president Jacques Le Glou and Humbert Balzan (known for his collaborations with Egyptian director Youseff Chahine) discussing the prevailing difficulties of screening French films in Egypt and the theatrical release of Egyptian films in France.