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BQBloc Québécois (Canadian political party)
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BQBe Quiet
BQBuild Quality
BQNavassa Island
BQBenzoquinone (gene-altering drug)
BQBest Qualified
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BQBicycle Queensland (Australia)
BQBills of Quantities
BQBeam Quality (lasers)
BQBroadcast Query (mobile computing)
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BQBetel Quid (plant leaves chewed in Asia)
BQBank Qualified (municipal bond tax classification)
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BQBasically Qualified
BQBasic Qualification
BQBoston Qualify (Boston Marathon; Massachusetts)
BQBranch Qualification
BQBattle Quest (gaming league)
BQBiographical Questionnaire
BQBene Quiescat (Latin: May He Rest Well, epigraphy)
BQBachelor's Quarters (US military)
BQBranch Qualifying (US Army officer course)
BQBerkeley Quality (quality control program, UC-Berkeley)
BQBranch Qualified (US Army officer rating)
BQBanquetzal (Guatemala)
BQBatch Quality
BQBehavioral Quotient
BQBarrier's Questionnaire (medical checklist)
BQBackup Quantity
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In the Men team events Pakistan Wapda and National Bank qualified for the finals after defeating SNGPL and HEC respectively.
LAHORE -- Nestle and Meezan Bank qualified for the HYF-powered CSP Sim Sim Lahore Corporate Twenty20 Cup final after outplaying their respective opponents in the semifinals played here at the Aligarh cricket ground.
financing option 1, tax-exempt bank qualified $5,060,000 and taxable$240,000.
MBT's role in providing bank qualified tax-exempt financing for Morris Park, Northrop and now Hiawatha Collegiate High School, demonstrates our belief in Hiawatha's work of educating students.
Doha Bank qualified for the 'Elite Quality Recognition Award' in both the categories with an exceptional STP rate of 99.
The Australian investment bank qualified its position by saying that 'uncertain conditions make short-term forecasting very difficult.
However, by purchasing the debtor's interest in the business in lieu of a foreclosure, the bank qualified under the statute as an "owner" and was liable for the debtor's prior, unpaid taxes; see Bank of Commerce v.
The bank qualified for the energy rebate from Xcel Energy, which assisted in the decision to upgrade.
He represents banks in connection with numerous types of loan transactions as well as direct purchases of bank qualified and non-bank qualified bonds, primarily for healthcare and not-for-profit entities.
Request for Proposals: Bank qualified loan $1,100,000 revenue bonds, series 2017