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BAPTBritish Association of Play Therapists (UK)
BAPTBundesamt für Post und Telekommunikation (Germany)
BAPTBetfair Asian Poker Tour (Singapore)
BAPTBritish Association of Psychological Types
BAPTBritish Association for Physical Training
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But him the Baptist soon Descried, divinely warned, and witness bore As to his worthier, and would have resigned To him his heavenly office.
The Charleston Baptist Association issued the following, in an address, in 1835 A.
And now that Bunyan had found peace he became a Baptist, and joined the church of a man whom he calls "the holy Mr.
Bertha Sampson and Pearl Clay of the White Sands Baptist choir had been asked to sing a duet; Milton Clark of Newbridge was to give a violin solo; Winnie Adella Blair of Carmody was to sing a Scotch ballad; and Laura Spencer of Spencervale and Anne Shirley of Avonlea were to recite.
Even when his wife, Queen Mamare, elected to become a Baptist, and invited in a little, weazened, sweet- spirited, club-footed Baptist missionary, King John did not object.
During the remaining ten years of his life his reputation and authority among the Dissenters almost equalled his earnest devotion and kindness, and won for him from his opponents the good-naturedly jocose title of 'the Baptist bishop.
He used to sleep on the snow just like the rest of us--in short, he looked almost like an ordinary man; but I who am telling you all these things have seen him myself with the grape-shot whizzing about his ears, no more put out by it than you are at this moment; never moving a limb, watching through his field-glass, always looking after his business; so we stood our ground likewise, as cool and calm as John the Baptist.
She was Church--as people said(while her father was one of the trustees of the Baptist Chapel)--and wore a little steel cross at her waist.
I have brought your bread, Signor John Baptist,' said he (they all spoke in French, but the little man was an Italian); 'and if I might recommend you not to game--'
She is a democrat, her husband is a republican, and both of them are Baptists.
When an itinerant priest of the persuasion of the Methodists, Baptists, Universalists, or of the more numerous sect of the Presbyterians, was accidentally in the neighborhood, he was ordinarily invited to officiate, and was commonly rewarded for his services by a collection in a hat, before the congregation separated.
The Wesleyans and the Baptists both had chapels in the village.