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BARMABoiler and Radiator Manufacturers Association Ltd. (UK)
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On the last of several anxious trips from Nepal to Grana, Pietro finds Bruno alone in snow-bound Barma.
Buddhism and nationalism are thus intertwined: as it is said, "A good Barma is a good Buddhist.
Building on the work of Vygotsky, Leont'ev, and recently of Engestrom and Sannino (cited in Barma, Lacasse, & Masse-Morneau, 2014), third-generation activity theory (Engestrom, 2001, 2007) provides a glimpse into the possible transformation of parent-adolescent and home-school relationships (object) with a view of improved adolescents' school success (expectedresult or outcome).
Legend has it that Ivan had blinded the architects, Barma and Postnik Yakovlev, so they could not recreate anything like it.
Barma, Naazneen, Giacomo Chiozza, Ely Ratner, and Steven Weber (2009), "A World Without the West?
The Deb barma clan of the Tripura tribe of Moulvibazar district, Bangladesh uses the plant against stomach pain and flatulency [39].
35 billion Euro over the next two years," said Dipak Barma, ISHRAE president.
Next in line for rejuvenation are the two Moroccan hammams which will incorporate a new steam area and a traditional barma as well as a new treatment table and subtle enhancements to the lighting and relaxation areas.
While he hopes for everyone to have a great time at the concerts, Robb divulges that his maiden gig in the country had been at the request of none other than the titular King of Tripura, Pradyot Bikram Manikya Deb Barma.
Naazneen Barma shows how global problem-solving on significant issues--nuclear proliferation, climate change, international development, the global financial crisis--has failed and that the "rise of the rest" has not helped.
Brenda Mathews with some of her 4,500 handkerchiefs including clockwise from top left, a gift on a special day, designed as a telegram surrounded by images of milestones in life, one commemorating the Coronation, a lipstick handkerchief and one marking Liverpool Shipping Week of 1931, with a portrait of Sea Queen Miss Mary Barma